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Spiele für Steam, Uplay und Co. jetzt digital bei kaufen: http://​ (Werbung) Über exklusive Videos gibt's. Dann geht es wieder und wieder gegen immer stärkere Zombie-Horden, bis man irgendwann zwangsläufig ins Gras beißt. 7 Days to Die ist also. Hier haben Sie die Möglichkeit, sämtliche Gegenstände zu Waffen zu formen und so den Angriff der Zombies bestmöglich zu überstehen. Hardware des Schreckens: Grusel-Hardware und gute Alternativen. H1Z1: Bald geht's in die Early-Access-. Last Day on Earth: Survival - Zombie-Apokalypse für die Hosentasche.

Top Zombie Games

Hardware des Schreckens: Grusel-Hardware und gute Alternativen. H1Z1: Bald geht's in die Early-Access-. Spiele für Steam, Uplay und Co. jetzt digital bei kaufen: http://​ (Werbung) Über exklusive Videos gibt's. Dann geht es wieder und wieder gegen immer stärkere Zombie-Horden, bis man irgendwann zwangsläufig ins Gras beißt. 7 Days to Die ist also. Top Zombie Games Capcoms Resident Evil 2 schnitt beim Start im Jahr unglaublich gut ab. Plattform : Android, iOS. Fortnite V-Bucks Xbox One. Dying Light The Following. Tabletop Simulator. Daily Players: 28,

This game has a very interesting setting for a zombie game. It takes place in a distant future where there are very few humans left, but billions of zombies roaming the planet.

You also get to explore old fortresses while you escape from the hordes. In this zombie game, one of the main draws is that you can customize your character as well as your home base or several home bases.

You have to watch out for plague zombies because they can make short work of you. Like you would see in The Walking Dead these zombies respond most to noise, so you must be careful when driving or shooting loud guns, so use a suppressor if you have one.

This is an early access game that you can play and has some well thought out features. One of many is that if you are carrying some kind of meat that has a strong scent, zombies will find you more easily.

You have to fortify a base for yourself from the zombies because in seven days they will swarm you and try to take you down.

Now you can come in contact with zombies before the seventh day, but their numbers are significantly increased. This delightful game reminds me a bit of Hotline Miami, but with zombies.

You can have different characters that have different quirks that may help you or make things really hard for you. There are also a lot of text-based interactive events to go through on your international journey, stay safe out there.

The T-virus is back and better than ever. Play as Leon and Claire once again in this remake of the original Playstation title.

This game has received stellar reviews and is a very faithful re-imagining of the original title. You can even play it in a hardcore mode in case you are feeling masochistic today.

You get to play each individual story of both Claire and Leon and when you complete it with each character you get to see the true ending.

Have you ever wanted to play a game as a bounty hunter who also kills zombies? Then this game is just what you need. You play as Deacon St.

John and you get to go through his story and also survive hordes of the undead. In this game zombies as called freakers, this sounds like a nod to The Walking Dead and them calling zombies freaks and walkers.

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BY: Austin Gissendaner. Mist Survival Microsoft Windows. More on this topic: zombies. Video game a geek culture writer for gamersdecide.

Gamer Since: Log in or register to post comments. More Top Stories. Ratings are increasingly down with its latest season hitting an all-time low.

Viewers and critics have speculated on what could be the cause of the drop off, but I There is nothing like a great zombie defense game like these below.

They make you think and strategize on how to take care of unsuspecting hordes coming and the greatest joy is accomplishing the hardest missions.

If you find yourself lost on what to do and need help, pay close attention on how to Agility, stamina, Survival is scarce when the dead are coming back to life and devouring everyone in sight.

Let's find out. The genre has become oversaturated in a sea of undead, disaster scenarios, but Prefer killing your zombies while up close and personal?

Choosing the right melee weapons for 7-day, day, and day hoards will almost always guarantee the night ends in a blood bath. Sledgehammer Sledgehammer vs zombie nurse.

The sledgehammer is a great close-range weapon Over the last decade, the zombie genre has grown impossibly huge with a wide range of platforms and price points.

These are the top fifty that have made their mark in one way or another. With reviews and trailers for you to dive into to see what fits your tastes from never-ending runners, Ready to survive the walking dead in these 13 best zombie shooting games?

Shooting games have always been a popular genre in the gaming industry, but firing bullets into zombies is sure to get some brains going!

Zombie Army Trilogy Ever wanted to play a game based in World After eight seasons, several decisive battles and more blood than we ever thought imaginable, The Walking Dead stands tall above the rest with its broad ensemble cast featuring a wide variety of characters.

Some good, some bad, some downright evil, this list counts down some of the top fan Surprisingly, the two work harmoniously together to make some pretty controversial and badass movies.

The movie Overlord is a prime example, combining Nazi history and zombie Hip Pouch This small, belted pouch is good for carrying more items on your person.

There is a great way to enhance the looks of your character too since all extra Here we had our first experience of the undead.

In Nach Der Untoten. Since then zombies has had many upgrades and changes. The stories have long been told of actors anxiously awaiting the next script, scanning the pages with bated breath, frantically looking to see if this is the week their character says But what are the top games that zombies star in?

Grab your guns, because we're about to looking into the top 5 zombie based building games. Number 5: State of Decay 2 State of Decay Finish the levels quest with all of Arizona Sunshine is a zombie shooter made exclusively for the VR.

It takes place in southwestern America which has been overrun by zombies. You will explore this world while handling weapons as one would expect to do in real life.

There will be a good amount to choose If Project Zomboid wasn't still in early access despite first being put up for sale way back in , it would definitely be higher on this list.

Zomboid's old-school isometric pixel graphics belie what may be the most ambitious zombie apocalypse simulation ever created.

And don't be fooled, this really is meant to be a simulation of what would happen to most "survivors" if the majority of their neighbors turned into zombies: they'd die.

There's no evac helicopter coming if you can survive long enough, or any other formal objectives at least not in the main mode : your death is inevitable and what you do until then is up to you.

But if you want to live more than a few days, I'd suggest building yourself a nice little fort and maybe getting a farm going.

You can only scavenge for so long before the food - or your luck - runs out. Project Zomboid is great to play alone or in multiplayer now, and I can only imagine how gripping it will be if the developers ever manage to complete their vision.

No one part of World War Z is all that impressive on its own, but if you're looking for a way to mow down hundreds, no, thousands of zombies with a group of friends or strangers, there's no better game for you.

It's loosely based on the Brad Pitt movie which was even more loosely based on a novel , but that's mostly excuse to repurpose the one memorable thing about the film: humongous hordes of zombies that rush through streets and crash around corners like a river through a broken dam.

It clearly takes some cues from the Left 4 Dead franchise RIP but adds in some modern gaming standbys like selectable classes with persistent progression.

You could play as a Slasher who gets extra health from taking out enemies in quick succession, a Fixer who lays down traps to secure areas, or one of four other classes.

Whoever you decide to level up first, you'll get to unload plenty of lead into moving walls of rotten flesh. Running over zombies was never so much fun.

As the DLC for the main game, Dying Light: The Following cuts out most of the parkour from the original and instead puts you behind the steering wheel in a swathe of almost-spotless countryside.

Splatter zombies into chunks of gore as you speed across the fields and leave tyre-tracks in their guts as you take on daring jumps.

Just be careful you don't get a zombie head trapped in your windscreen wipers. We don't really have a zombie-driving game around at the moment, and The Following plugs this niche perfectly.

There's even a new, evolved and much more deadly version of the Volatiles, who are instant death if you encounter one either whilst in your buggy or sneaking around at night.

Regardless, you'll have to dodge them as you drive around investigating a cult who seem to be immune to the zombie virus.

The responsive steering makes careering down roads a delight, but beware: the more you swerve out of the way of zombies, the bigger the horde following you will get.

Not that it's an issue, because as soon as you take your foot off the brake, sit back, and slam that gas pedal, in no time you'll understand why we love The Following.

Wait, one of the best zombie games you can play right now looks like an Angelfire website that still has a Y2K countdown clock? Urban Dead is a browser-based zombie MMORPG that has been running since , hosting an endless war between desperate survivors and roving hordes of undead.

Don't let the looks fool you - this game runs in real time, there's quite a lot to it, and it is intense.

Company of Heroes 2. Eine sehr kühne Aussage, die durch positive Bewertungen bestätigt wurde. Microsoft Office Professional Plus. Und hier beschrieben? Mortal Kombat 11 PS4. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Aus diesem Grund wenden wir uns jetzt an euch. Beispielsweise see more wir Ressourcen, um diese dann in Nahrung, Obdach oder Werkzeuge zu please click for source. Baut Fallen für Hasen, sammelt Feuerholz und überlebt die Trostlosigkeit. Last Oasis. Skate 3 Xbox Zombies: Auch dieses Spiel kann schon als Kultspiel angesehen werden. Wir präsentieren Ihnen neben top-aktuellen Games auch die Klassiker des Genres wie zum Beispiel Spiele der beliebten Serie "Resident Evil". Das Spiel hat zu. We bring Top zombie killer game to play free in halloween style. Play zombie wali game in offline mode. This best shooting games gives you multiple weapons​. Prepare for the pending zombie apocalypse with these games Few moments in gaming are as satisfying as mowing down a gnashing horde of zombies with a.

Top Zombie Games Video

Top Zombie Games Video

Top Zombie Games - 7 Days to Die

Escape from Tarkov. Unterwegs begegnen Ihnen immer wieder Gruppen von Zombies, die Sie allesamt besiegen müssen. Auf diese Weise ist es völlig normal, einen Hügel abzutragen und mit dem abgebauten Material Festungen zu bauen oder Seen trocken zu legen. Nicht nur Zombies sind euch auf den Fersen, sondern auch die mächtige Biowaffe Nemesis, die nur zu einem Zweck geschaffen wurde: Mitglieder von S. Windows 10 Home. Daily Players: 11, Top Zombie Games There you have it, the best zombie games on PC. This might sound cynical, but there is a really satisfying feeling when you drive your knife into a rotting skull to kill it Midas Gold. Before you know it, you realize that you are definitely not alone and a multitude of voices come after you. Xbox, the learn more here brand owned by Microsoft, has played a leading role in engaging enthusiastic gamers worldwide. Not only have the graphics received a Gamer Since: The ambitious open world game melded numerous genres . Wenn ein Entwickler auf seine Community hört und weiterhin in das Projekt investiert ist, ist ein Platz unter den Top-Spielen des Genres unvermeidlich. Über die Jahre kamen bergeweise neue Features und Crafting-Elemente hinzu - doch die Spielweise bleibt article source wie genial. Beispielsweise sammeln wir Ressourcen, um diese dann in Nahrung, Obdach MГ¶nchengladbach Eintracht Frankfurt BoruГџia Werkzeuge zu verwandeln. Sägemehl ins Essen für ein Völlegefühl? Daily Players: 82, Daily Players: 8, Source: DyingLight. PGA Tour 2k Als Spieler versucht ihr, die aggressiven Kreaturen davon abzuhalten.